Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice in Wonderland... WAH Wah wah... (no spoilers, i promise)

I must preface what I am about to say with the following:
I did enjoy the movie Alice in Wonderland. I did. the post that follows was written in a heated moment after an argument with a friend. its one side of my opinion. paragraph 3 of this post is the other side.

My thoughts on Alice in Wonderland: BOO! things that bugged me(no spoilers): Johnny Depp was terrible and boring; the story telling was scattered and erratic; AVATAR did it first, and better; and, adding to that, all the things that people complained about with AVATAR apply to ALICE IN WONDERLAND, perhaps even more so. but because it has Depp in it and Tim Burton's name on it, no one will mention these things. no one will talk about how the story was tired and over done, the visuals unrealistic and distracting, the acting sub par at best, the theme scattered and irrelevant. no, that was AVATAR. Tim Burton is a GENIUS! how could he possibly make a movie that has all the same problems as AVATAR? its not possible. he is the leader of the neogothic, Nightmare before Christmas wannabe herd, and we will be damned if we let anyone sully his good name.

that having been said, there were things that i loved about it. the idea of alice returning to wonderland was brilliant, and a great way of bringing the same story back with out just remaking the film.
alice's costumes were AMAZING. they did a very clever thing with them. from the beginning of the show, her costumes don't fit correctly: either there are things out of place, the color isn't right, etc. once she gets to wonderland this becomes even more apparent. as alice seeks to discover who she really is, her costumes alter. at the beginning, they are torn and ill fitting and Asymmetrical, and as she develops to becoming her true self, they become more flattering and symmetrical. its neat.
the cheshire cat was my favorite character.
incorporating the Jabberwokki into it was also really neat.

so there it is. my scatter, doesn't make any sense opinion of a movie.


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